Friday, November 23, 2007

99.9% FO!

I have knit my 18th (and last) napkin ring!

I re-knit all of my red/crystal napkin holders because the difference between 32 gague and 30 gague are incredible. 32 was much easier to knit with, but the finished products bend easily and were very small (see old posts). I began the green/crystal and the green/black/crystal on 30. This size wire is a little more difficult to knit, but the final product is much more sturdy and the large beads look better against the larger wire.

All of my Christmas presents are finished. I bought wrapping paper, boxes, and notecards this week and now I can wrap up this knitting project! (Both literally, and figuratively.)

Info: Venezia

I used size 6, bamboo circular kneedles and 30 gague wire (24 gague was WAY too difficult to knit with and 32, which I tried first, made them too small and easily bendable). Each napking ring took about 45 minutes from start to finish (a little longer if I was watching something interesting). That means, with a little math, it took me 13.5 hours to finish them all.

Also, I got two new cameras today! Yay for Black Friday. I bought a pretty Canon G9 and a Canon Digital Elp SD1000. Craig is selling one of his lenses on Ebay, so the hurt won't be as much. But now I can take pretty pictures of Salt Lake City, my classroom, my students, and my knitting!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've been really doing well with these knitted napkin rings, but i broke my camera two weeks ago and have not been able to take pictures of them. (Note: tea + camera = very broken.) I finished the red set and bought new wire in 30 gague and they look much better. I have three done of a second set and two done of a third. If only I had pictures.....