Friday, December 7, 2007


My cousin is having a weebie (read: baby) in Feb! I am a little upset that I won't be able to see the new baby on Passover this April because my break is during March, and it's a little ridiculous to try to get out to NJ for one night. Anyway, I thought I would knit something for the weebie. I went to Michael's to look for soft yarn. I was very disappointed in the selection, all ugly blues and pinks and whites. I really wanted a nice yellow or sage green. Finally, I found an OK yellow yarn, Lion Brand Pound of Love in pastel yellow. Luckily, the tag had a pattern for a hooded blanket. OK, I'll admit it, the picture of the baby on the tag is what sold me on the pattern and the yarn. That baby is so darn cute!

Anyway, here is the blanket thus far. It's super soft, and looks pretty nice! My only complaint is that the picture is of the crochet pattern for the blanket. I was unprepared for the difference in the pattern for knitting.

Anyway, if anyone of my friends decides to have a baby, I'd happily make you something. I decided that this is the nicest kind of knitting. I am making something easy and adorable and I don't have to keep it! I get so sick of knitting things for myself and I don't have time for an exciting knitting project for myself while I'm teaching. Therefore, little easy projects for others are much easier. Yay weebies!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Venezia Inspiration

So I enjoyed knitting with wire so much that I decided to make some jewlery with the rest of the beads and wire that I bought. I searched the internet for something equally as beautiful and I ran across Venezia Redux! It is a bracelet pattern written by the same knitter! The idea is essentially the same, but the knitted wire is wrapped around plastic tubing to keep its shape. Genius. I have successfully knitted 3 thus far.

I like the green/crystal better than the red/crystal because there is more of a contrast with the different greens and crystals. The larger beads are also bigger than the large beads on the red bracelet. Also, I ran out of small crystal beads and the local Michaels had no more, so I bought larger green and crystal beads after making the red bracelet.

My only fear is that they will not fit my cousin's. They didn't fit over my hands with the knitted wire, but I figure my 13 yr old cousin and 15 yr old cousin will have much smaller hands than me. I also have huge hands.