Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Season is Upon Us....

...aka school has started. I have been back from vacation for a few weeks, but have been back in the classroom for just that long. In that time I have finished my Ravelympics Sweater, though not by the end of the Olympics. I did, however, finish it within the same amount of days as the Olympics. So that counts, right?

Minimalist Cardigan:

from Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran 10 skeins

Needles: sz 7 (luckily bought in a Dutch craft store when I realized I brought sz 8s!)

Notes: By the end I was sick of Moss Stitch, but I get sick of most things by the end of a large sweater. However, I love this sweater. I finished it last Wednesday and I have already worn it two days. It's warm, soft, and creamy. The color is amazing. Of course, I bought 11 skeins and used very little of the 10th. So now I have to make something with the rest. I was thinking Pedicure Socks for my first sock attempt.

The pin also looks beautiful on it, I just need to block the sweater so the knit band lays more flat and I can wear the pin more easily.

I am also extremely pleased with the way I grafted the neckband together. The first time I did it, it looked horrible. I frogged it and tried again. This time: perfection!

On another note, I also have started hanging out at my LYS, Blazing Needles, and have been getting a lot of knitting done at their Thursday night knit night. Yesterday they had their Grand Opening and I bought lots of yarn for various projects.

First up: SuiBui Silk Cloud in Ink for the Everyday Wrap.

I can't figure out why Blogger rotated this picture, but I have about 4 inches done.

Also, I bought some Lamb's Pride Bulky to make Prarie Boots.

I am using the purple for the bodies and the grey for the soles and maybe a stripe at the top. I just need to find some awesome buttons. I would, however, love to buy some moccasin soles and actually sew this to some plastic soles that I could wear outside.