Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's been a while and new FO's

So the past few months have been crazy. I finished the hardest semester of my life (thanks to a 178 page Social Studies Curriculum I had to write) as well as a 92 page thesis, spending 3 days a week effectively volunteering in a 3rd grade class as well as going to class and doing the rest of my work. Needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done through March, April, and the beginning of May. (Read much = none) But once my 8 day vacation began between semesters, I caught the knitting bug again. Having no class to go to, as well as not having my boyfriend in NYC made life pretty boring. I was still going to the 3rd grade, but I had weekends and evenings all to myself. Therefore, I whipped out my needles and yarn I had bought but never used and whipped up a few things:

1. Pink Vest
This taken from Knitty's pattern. I decided against doing stripes and went for a solid pink sweater vest. I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants trying to change the numbers to fit the needles and yarn I was using. All in all, it came out really well. I can't wait for winter to wear it.

(Details: Knit with Kraemer Yarns' Mauch Chunky in Apple on #8 and #9.5 needles)

This brings me to my other bit of news: I am moving to Salt Lake City at the end of July. Craig already has a job, and I am in the process of applying for a teaching job. It will be cold, and we will need warm weather clothing like no one's business!

2. Craig's hat

Craig has been asking me for a plain grey hat that has no ribbing or curling, just plain. This is not the easiest job, since you either have some ribbing or the end of the hat curls. Anyway, I had bought him a skein of grey of the same kind of yarn that I knit the buttony sweater and vest with. With no pattern, but the general idea of how to knit a plain hat (as I have knit a rediculous number of them in my life), this hat came out. The picture is dark, and it's huge on me (since Craig has a big head), but I think it came out nicely.

(Details: Made with Kraemer Yarns' Mauch Chunky in Shiitake and on #9.5 needles)

This is a present for a friend that I made a while ago (it took about 15 min to make) and have not sent off. Sorry Kristen. It looks cool. It was made with Patons Classic Wool Merino in Wedgewood on #8 needles. I am really happy that I finally got to use those crazy pink buttons I bought for a sweater I tried to make that came out horribly years ago.

4. Craig's sweater

I knit Craig a sweater for his b-day from a pattern that I had already used for a sweater years ago with good results. I used the same needles, yarn, everything. And somehow this sweater came out way too big, and not really nice. So I promised Craig I would knit him another, one that he could actually wear. I had such a nice and easy time with the buttony sweater, I set out to find a similar one, raglan, and knit from the top. I found it: the Vanille sweater. In one day I finished to the armpits (the picture seen), and in two more I have almost finished the body (more pictures to come) and I need to find more yarn. I had originally bought 4 skeins thinking that I would have enough. Silly me. I need at least 2 more, but probably 3. On the bright side, it's coming out exceptionally well and quickly. I will be done with what I can by the time Craig comes back from the Appalachian Trail (tomorrow) and I just need to find more of this yarn in the meantime. Luckily, it's damn hot outside (usually) and he won't need the sweater until well after we move to Utah.
(Details: Kraemer Yarns' Mauch Chunky in Pinenut and #9.5 needles)
The semester has started again, but hopefully it won't be too difficult for me to write and knit more in the upcomming weeks.

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