Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stardust FO and the beginnings of a dress

I finished my Stardust Sweater! I think I made it a size too small, but it is still wearable. Today I wore it to my Language Arts Professional Development and got a few compliments. I can't wait to wear it with a short sleeve tshirt or tank top once the weather gets warmer. I made a few mistakes, but luckily nothing too obvious. Most of the mistakes in the stardust pattern were made near the arm holes.

Pattern: Stardust Sweater

Yarn: 3 skeins of Karabella Gossamer in light blue/silver

Outcome: I'm happy, but it is a little small. I also think that the ties are too thick. I plan on making this sweater again in white for a wedding this fall, maybe I will make it a size larger, but with ties that are half as thick. I shall see when I get to that project.

Onto another project....

For those of you who have seen the Science of Sleep, I plan on making the sweater dress that Stephanie wears during Stephane's party to celebrate his calendar. I have drawn out plans and made a swatch, but no other progress has been made. But I do need help, the dress in the movie has these vertical stripes of some stitch that I can't tell from pausing the movie on Comcast On-Demand on my non-HD TV. So, what do you like the best? The choice is between the Double Moss (aka the Double Seed) stitch and the Daisy stitch. So far, I have two for Daisy.


Elizabeth said...

Daisy. Love the Stardust!

a meredith said...

hello this is meredith
me and my friend brook were talking about making the white stephanie dress tonight and i saw your blog i was wondering if you happened to have a pattern made out?
if so i'd loveee if you could mail it to me!

i know its a lot to ask considering you dont even know me but gosh that would be so lovely if you could do that for us!

love meredith lynn

meredith hunt said...

did you ever happen to finish the science of sleep sweater dress?