Monday, January 14, 2008

Editor's Pick!

I have been very inspired by Liz recently. First, I joined Ravelry, then I joined Instructables to try to win some prizes. I put up my Venezia Napkin Rings this weekend and quickly got many positive responses! (4 or 5 thus far) And this afternoon I checked my e-mail and found out that the editors picked my pattern as one of their favorites. Notice my napkin rings are second on the Featured list! Woot woot!
On to further knitting news, I attended my local Stitch and Bitch last week. It was their eigth annual meeting so a ton of people were there and they did a knitting swap. It was cute, but I felt so out of place. Maybe I'll give it another try, but I felt super awkward.
I am also knitting up a storm on this darn scarf for Craig. It's super slow going, but this will be my last skein (thank goodness). This weekend I also got Craig and my friend/neighbor Ashley into knitting. Pictures probably won't come soon of Craig because he's a tad bit ashamed. But both he and Ashley finished a whole skein of yarn and made scarves. Ashley and I also went to a fabric store and she got "lost" in the yarn aisle and picked up a bunch more yarn. Yay for passing on the addiction!


Elizabeth said...

I felt very out of place when I went to a knitting night at the local yarn store here... people who

Elizabeth said...

...oops, hit enter before I was ready!

Everyone at the knit night knew each other, and they were all a lot older than me. But, they served free champagne, so maybe I'll try it out again, just for that :-)

Julia said...

Free champagne, hot damn! I want to go to your SnB!