Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

In the New Year tradition, I have made a few resolutions. The first is to update this blog more frequently, as I finish and work on projects. First, however, I have to update many projects that I have finished or worked on in the past month since my last blog post. I have also joined Ravelry and have spent much of my vacation adding all of the projects I've been working on or finished this past year. So pardon any links to ravelry if you do not have an account.

First, I finished the Saartje's Baby Booties. They were super easy and adorable! Thanks Liz for the pattern.

I also have pictures of the Men's Scarf that I have been making for Craig. First, I hate this yarn. It is beautiful (the dark brown picture better shows the true colors) and soft, but the yarn's plys (plies?) come apart easily and you have to watch what you are knitting (my least favorite thing to do while knitting) or else the yarn will split. I also think that I cast on way too many stitches and this scarf will be way too long. Therefore, this scarf will take forever to knit (or atleast it feels like it will take forever). This wouldn't be a huge problem if I didn't need these needles to begin the Stardust sweater that I so desperately want to begin.

Finally, in my classroom I decorate my door for every season/holiday/etc. I have been having a great deal of trouble knowing what to do for January. A Christmas wreath wouldn't work, and what else could embody winter? So I decided that I would have to make a snowflake to hang on the door. After a successful Michaels trip, I bought dowels, white chennile wires, and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight in White/Multi. This yarn is white with glitter throughout it. Finally, after many wire scratches and burns from a hot glue gun (I'm impaitient, what can I say?), it's done! I really like it. Hopefully it will last all year so I can use it in the future. Now I just have to plan for the spring months (any suggestions? I already have a glittery heart for February).

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