Saturday, February 3, 2007

First Post

This is my first post, and it is only to brag about what I did last night...

I went to Don Hill's for the Hedwig and the Angry Inch party. For those of you who don't know, this is the venue where the show was first put on. Well, there were tons of Drag Queens, one of which fell on me, as well as a appreciation show for Hedwig in which the Drag Queens performed some Hedwig songs.

And for the grand finale...John Cameron Mitchell performed two Hedwig songs! I was about 5 feet away from him. And then he body surfed the audience and I got to touch his butt. And not just through his pants, through underwear! I tried to get photos of him performing on my cellphone, but it freaked out and the camera would not work.

All in all, it was a very exciting night.


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