Friday, February 9, 2007

Not knitting, but sewing

Well, now I'm two for two with non-kitting posts, but I got tons of compliments on this and wanted to share it.

I made a portfolio cover for Craig's portfolio out of this dark grey suede fabric. I had a bunch left over and made two belts (one still in the process of being completed). The first is simple, made to fit low on the waist, and has a nice pouch. Perfect to hold: an ID, Metro Card, credit card, and a few bucks in cash.
Because it was suede, I didn't need to hem the belt or flap of the bag. I did have snaps and a little gadget to put them in the fabric. The bag is removable and snaps shut. It is a simple design, a rectangle that is folded into thirds. I sewed the strap on the back before sewing up the sides. I then turned it right-side out, trimmed the edges of the flap so it looked nice and added the snaps.
It's great. And now I don't have to bring a purse with me when I go out.

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